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Cambridge College Career Center

This site provides information about our services and links to other very useful sites and resources. Many of these sites also have links to other useful sites.

  • Job Search Resources
  • Resume Resources
  • Interview Resources
  • Self Employment Resources


  • Job Search Skills Classes
  • Resume Preparation Assistance and Critique
  • Computer Terminals and internet access
  • Free Printing, Copying and Faxing
  • Video mock interview(s) and critique
  • Job Search Resources and bulletin boards
  • Email distribution of jobs to you
  • Lists of useful Job Search Internet Sites

The Job Search classes helps to search out opportunities and market your skills. Topics covered include:

  • Preparing
  • your resume and cover letter
  • Different methods of finding a job
  • Develop Telephone and Interview Skills
  • Relevant Personal Data
  • Appearance and Aesthetics
  • Your First Impression
  • Education and Experience
  • Presenting Personality Traits
  • Art of answering questions
  • Closing an interview
  • Follow-up to an interview

Job Search: Job Search Resources

Job Search Resources

Internet is the most popular Job Search tool, with free resources for quick local, national and international job search, tips and samples for resumes and cover letters tips on attending interviews, and writing follow-up letters. Below is a list of some useful links, many of which will have links to other sites too.

Using the web in your job search:

Research the Net like a wizard

BC Occupational Outlook

Human Resources and Social Development Canada

Canada WorkinfoNET
Jobs, Work and Recruiting

Career and employment information for Canadians

Canada's youth internship program

Canada WorkinfoNET
Canada's Virtual Library of Career and employment information

Canadian Business Women's Network
Resources Centre with variety of topics

Career key
Online career networking resources and links

Career Magazine
Job listings, searching and posting; and links

Job postings, Resume Posting and Job Search

Career Path
Easiest Job Search

Job Postings
Resume Centre, Student Resources, Job Search Resume Posting

Job Shark
Personalized Job Search, Resume & Interview tips, networking, negotiation info

The Monster Board
Job Search, Resume Posting, manage your career the most visited site in Canada

"Canada's biggest Job Site"

No experience? No problem

Job listing direct from employers web sites

Job Search Resume

Internet is a powerful tool for researching career information, seeking out employment opportunities and promoting yourself. Database searches based on personal preference steamlines your research, and saves your time. When posting your resume on databases use sites that give you maximum control and privacy over who can access your resume. Some sites may enable you to block specific companies from viewing your resume. Always read and familiarize yourself with the sites privacy and security policies before posting your information. Finally, research many sites and choose a few for frequent use.

Job Search: Resume Resources

Resume tips for technology professionals

Resumes Writing Tips

Resume help

Resume Dos and Don'ts

Job Search: Cover Letter Resources

Cover letters and References

Ten Cover letter Don'ts

Suggested cover letter format

Job Search: Interview Resources

Making a Good Impression

Top 10 things to know about researching companies

Interview with an IT Recruiter

Workplace, Interview and salary surveys

Resumes win interview, but references can win job offers

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